5. Key achievements


Through the Hammarby Model and the environmental goals, Hammarby’surban development process was also able to capitalize on a number of synergies that existed between its various goals. Below are a few examples of where the items in the 12 Green Guidelines have positive interactions:

  • Mixed-use and transit-oriented development has reduced the need for private cars, which increases use of public transit and non-motorized transit.
  • Water efficiency measures such as storm water management reduced pressure on piping and pump systems; the smaller pipe dimensions also reduces the cost of ‘hard’ infrastructure. The low impact design of the storm water management system also led to attractive public green spaces.
  • The HammarbyModel’s closed loop system allows water, waste, and energy to feed into each other. This reduces the amount of energy and resources needed to maintain the system.
  • The smaller blocks that make up Hammarby made it easier to lay down the piping for the waste-to-energy and waste recycling network.

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