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Hammarby Sjöstad is Stockholm’s biggest urban development project for many years. Sjöstaden is a natural continuation of Stockholm’s inner city, and this has shaped the city layout, urban planning and design of the buildings.

A VIP visit to a Swedish home

One of the most unique places to visit when in Hammarby Sjöstad is Studio Sjövillan (www.studiosjovillan.se). This villa was built as an experimental building when the area was created in early 2000 and has now been carefully renovated to a sustainable meeting place for companies, organizations and groups. It is also the home for Göran & Malin Avalon Engquist and their businesses. As a visitor to Hammarby Sjöstad you are welcome to a VIP visit at Studio Sjövillan to enjoy the fantastic lakeside scenery of Hammarby Sjöstad. You will spend an evening with Göran & Malin as your hosts in their home preparing a typical Swedish dinner based on locally and sustainably produced ingredients and matching this with sustainably produced beverages.

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If you are a group which would like to have a presentation about Hammarby Sjöstad and its environmental solutions, please contact GlashusEtt.

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E-mail: glashusett@hammarbysjostad.se

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