3. The development process


“The total expenditure of the project paid from the city is about 500 million Euros. The total volume with the developers is about 3000 million Euros (2500 million Euros from the developers) for the whole area which means that the developers in the end take the greatest risks. But still we think this is the most profitable way for the city [to develop] when we get more taxpayers and at the same time the city is growing.”
– Lars Fränne, Head of Planning, Stockholm City This section describes and provides insight into the entire development process for Hammarby.

1. The first section looks at the roles and responsibilities of the national, regional, and municipal governments in the planning process and how each level of government contributed to the sustainability goals.

2. We provide a high-level overview of the planning process in general, outlining the standard procedure.

3. We look at the specific master planning and land development process for Hammarby. This section will look at how the Project Team managed the planning and land development process while also presenting the key lessons for land development.

4. This section looks at property development and how developers were involved in the process.

5. Finally, we present the design guidelines that developers and architects had to follow for Hammarby. This will provide insight into how well-set constraints can breed creativity and innovation.

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1. The story in brief
2. The Hammarby model
4. Financing a new city
5. Key achievements
6. Lessons learned
7. Visiting us
8. Making business with us
9. Reading the full story