4. Financing a new city


This section looks at how the City financed the land development and the ways that land was sold to developers for property development. The section presents two business models for ownership of infrastructure in Hammarby Sjöstad followed by sections that explain the funding mechanisms, the financing for implementation as well as the operation of the infrastructure solutions, and finally the mechanisms for land allocation.

“Hammarby Sjöstad is a good example of not only focusing on the short term aspects and getting short term profits but also investing for the future and increasing revenue The cost for Hammarby was roughly 5 percent higher from a purely construction cost perspective but in the end you get back roughly 25 percent more property value out on the site over time which shows how real value is created over time.”

– Henrik Svanqvist, Director of Communities, Skanska


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1. The story in brief
2. The Hammarby model
3. The development process

5. Key achievements
6. Lessons learned
7. Visiting us
8. Making business with us
9. Reading the full story